We all know that smoking is bad for us!

What if we told you that there was a better choice for smokers, would you believe us? Probably not!

Well there is & it is a “Heat not Burn” technology that provides you with the true taste of tobacco & similar nicotine hit that you would get from a traditional cigarette but with 90 to 95% less of the harmful & potentially harmful chemicals. IQOS was developed by Philip Morris International and is the result of over $3bn investment and a decade of research on a range of potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes conducted by more than 430 scientists and experts in their R&D facilities in Switzerland. Over 2.9 million consumers across the globe have already switched to IQOS.

18+ existing smokers only

NO SMOKE – IQOS creates tobacco vapour which dissipates quickly & does not negatively impact indoor air quality & is not a source of second hand smoke.

NO ASH – Unlike cigarettes, IQOS does not burn tobacco & therefore does not require a lighter or matches & produces no ash.

LESS SMELL – As the vapour dissipates quickly, the odour left on hands, hair & clothes is significantly reduced.

IQOS uses specially designed tobacco sticks called HEETS that are supplied in packs of 20 tobacco sticks in a choice of 3 flavours:

Amber – A rounded and rich tobacco blend
Turquoise - A smooth menthol blend
Yellow - A smooth and finely balanced tobacco blend

HEETS tobacco sticks taste different to cigarettes because the tobacco is heated rather than burned. By heating tobacco the true taste of tobacco is released. Tobacco sticks are made from a specially selected blend of tobacco in order to provide tobacco taste and satisfaction that replicates as much as possible what adult smokers expect

HEETS tobacco sticks are designed for the same length of time and number of puffs as a cigarette. This is approximately 14 puffs or 6 minutes per Heets stick.

HEETS tobacco sticks are manufactured by Philip Morris International in Italy using a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The Holder and Pocket Charger were designed by Philip Morris International in Switzerland and are assembled by a leading electronics manufacturer in Malaysia using high-quality components.

Nicotine is an addictive substance and this product is not risk free. The best way to reduce tobacco related health risks is to quit tobacco use altogether.

However, if you are one of the many people that are either unable to quit or simply do not wish to do so then IQOS provides a lower risk alternative to traditional cigarettes.

IQOS Kit Includes an IQOS Holder plus all the tools you need to clean and charge in one handy kit:

IQOS Holder – Navy or White

IQOS Pocket charger

IQOS Cleaner

IQOS Cleaning sticks (x10)

IQOS AC power supply (UK)

USB cable

Option 1 – IQOS Kit (choose Colour Navy or White) including 5 packs of 20 Heets (choose flavour Amber, Turquoise or Yellow) - £89 

Option 2 - IQOS Kit (choose Colour Navy or White) including 10 packs of 20 Heets (choose flavour Amber, Turquoise or Yellow) - £121.50


5 x packs (100 heets sticks) - £37. 50 – Choose flavour Amber, Turquoise or Yellow
10 x packs (200 heets sticks) - £70.00 - Choose flavour Amber, Turquoise or Yellow


We do our best to make sure everything works perfectly, but if it doesn’t you can call us on 01452 700838 to find the best solution to your problem. We are pleased to offer a 1 year guarantee on all our electrical products purchased in one of our store, online or over the telephone. The guarantee does not apply to consumable products such as HEETS. Your original receipt acts as your guarantee so please make sure to keep this.

What does the guarantee cover?
Our guarantees provide cover against faults and breakage during normal use. This means that if your product develops a fault during the guarantee period, we'll arrange for it to be repaired or replaced free of charge.

How does the guarantee work?
During the guarantee period, if your product stops working properly, and this is not because of one of the reasons listed below in “What’s not included”, check any user guides contained in the product packaging.

If you still can’t resolve the issue, please visit our store to allow us inspect the device. If you are unable to visit the store, contact us by calling 01452 700838 or via email to: contact@ecigjuiced.co.uk  You’ll need to provide us with details of your product and the date of purchase. You’ll also need your proof of purchase to hand. We’ll perform a brief fault diagnosis with you over the telephone, to identify the root cause of the issue. If this assessment suggests a manufacturing fault, it may be possible to ship a new item out to you immediately, without waiting for you to return the original product.

If we need more information, we’ll ask you to return the product to us, and to provide your contact details including your address. You’ll need to send us both proof of purchase and the faulty product. Once we’ve received the product, if we can’t repair it and it doesn’t fall under “What’s not included” below, we’ll replace it with a product of equivalent specification. If no equivalent product is available we‘ll discuss an alternative settlement with you, and we’ll always do our best to make sure that you’re satisfied with the outcome.

If you return a product to us which is not faulty, then we may return the items to you or offer you a replacement at your cost.
What’s not included?
There are some specific exclusions from our guarantees, as follows:
•  Products which have been used for more than 7,300 cycles
•  Accidental damage, for example if your product has been dropped
•  Consumables such as HEETS 
•  If the product has been used commercially or for business purposes
•  Cosmetic wear and tear such as scratches, dents, corrosion or colour where the function of the product is unaffected
•  Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the product, or any loss over and above the purchase price of the original item
•  Servicing, inspecting or cleaning of the product; and failure to follow our instructions for use
•  Deliberate damage or neglect of the product
Please note that our guarantees only apply to products registered in the United Kingdom.
This does not affect your statutory rights.

Right to cancel 

By law, you have the following cancellation rights when you place an order with us online or by telephone: 
•  You are entitled to cancel your contract if you so wish, provided that you exercise your right no longer than 14 days after the day on which you receive the products. You must return the products wrapped in the original packaging (including the plastic film wrapper).
•  Your right to return products also does not apply to products which have been personalised. 
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•  To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel your contract by a clear statement, including details of your name, geographical address, details of the order you wish to cancel and, where available, your telephone number and email address. 
•  You can cancel by emailing contact@ecigjuiced.co.uk; calling us on 01452 700838; or by writing to: Ecigjuiced Ltd, Gloucester Road, Hartpury, Gloucester GL19 3BG. 
•  If you decide to cancel, you should return the products, at your cost within 14 days of such cancellation. You should keep proof of postage. Once we receive the products, we will reimburse to you (by the method used to pay for the original transaction) the amount in relation to products to which cancellation rights apply. This includes the cost of delivery (except for the supplementary costs arising if you choose a type of delivery other than our standard and least expensive method of delivery).
•  We may make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss in value of any products supplied, if the loss is the result of you failing to take reasonable care of them. We will make the reimbursement no later than 14 days after the day we receive back from you any products supplied. 
•  If you have purchased products as part of a bundle offer, you must return all products comprising the bundle, including unopened HEETS. If you return a bundle with opened HEETS, unfortunately we cannot accept the return for hygiene reasons. We cannot accept part-returns of products purchased as part of a bundle offer if returned under the right to cancel. 
Please note we cannot accept returns of HEETS or other consumable products which have been opened after delivery. This is necessary for hygiene reasons.

Use of tobacco products 
Our products are designed for adult smokers only. Our products contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. Nicotine-containing products should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women or persons in ill health. Our products are not for sale or use by those under 18 years old. Whilst we ensure our products are made to high standards, you acknowledge that you use our products at your own risk. IQOS IS NOT RISK FREE AND THE BEST WAY TO REDUCE TOBACCO RELATED HEALTH RISKS IS TO QUIT TOBACCO USE ALTOGETHER.

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