About Us

About Us
Ecigjuiced Ltd was formed by an ex heavy cigarette smokerwho became convinced of the benefits provided by an electronic cigarette butfound the array of offerings and terminology being used to be almostbewildering. After much research and several false starts he found what he waslooking for in an electronic cigarette but this process led him to believe thatthere was a need for simplified straightforward offerings that people couldeasily understand.
This is exactly what Ecigjuiced Ltd has set out to do andour aim is to offer top quality products and e cig brands in an uncomplicatedway whilst hopefully providing you with enough information to make informeddecisions.
We are aware that what we are doing is not for everyone andknow that massive lists of unexplained accessories and products are going to befine for the experienced and knowledgeable vaper but a bit like a goodrestaurant menu, we believe that” less is more” as too much choice can bedaunting. We have firsthand experience of this as our E-juice supplier startedoff by offering us a choice in excess of 1,000 flavours. If we offered thislevel of choice it would take hours just to read the list let alone make achoice.
We welcome your input and if you have any suggestions orideas that you feel we could benefit from, we will always be pleased to hearfrom you as we are passionate about what we are attempting to achieve and knowfull well that this can only be done with your support.
As you are reading this here you will already know that wehave a website but as our management team have many years experience in openingand growing retail chains, it is our intention to ultimately have a combinationof retail partners and our own branded Ecigjuiced shops open for our customersto be able to see, touch, try and receive professional advice beforepurchasing. To that end we are pleased to inform you that our first retail shophas now opened and our products can now be seen and purchased from: EcigjuicedLtd, Gloucester Road, Hartpury, Gloucester GL19 3BG. The best vapestore in town